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Company details

Below the company details are given; in case you need to obtain the additional documents: certificates of state registration, taxpayer identification number, you can contact the company's accounting department.

Full name: Limited Liability Company "Grumant"
Abbreviated name: "Grumant" LLC
INN/KPP: 5310013658/532101001
OGRN: 1065321095520
OKPO: 98685277
Legal address: Russia, 173007 Veliky Novgorod, 13 Meretskova-Volosova Str.
Actual address: Russia, 173007 Velikiy Novgorod, 13 Meretskova-Volosova Str.
Phone, Fax: +7 (8162) 77-58-51, 777-515
Managing organization: “TD “Novgorod food company” LLC
E-mail: ooo_
Bank details: RCBIC 044030706
Settlement Account No 40702810522370004752
Bank Uralsib, Sankt-Peterburg,
Correspondent Account No 330101810800000000706